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I've had an Artem fan website open before but I closed it down. This time, I promise I won't neglect and then shut it down! This fan site is for the amazing Artem Chigvintsev who is a Strictly Come Dancing pro dancer & choreographer and the 2010 champion.

I would like to make some things clear - I don't want spam or hate comments or emails, I want this site to be for all aged Artem-ettes, I want it to be a place where fans can talk about him or contribute their fan art and there is a lot more which is stated in our legal disclaimer. I'd also like to let you know that if you have any feedback or pictures, videos, fan art etc that you'd like to contribute you can use the correct forms or email teamartemchigvintsev@yahoo.co.uk!

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    Strictly Live Tour 2013
    Artem will dance with his Series 10 partner Fern Britton for the Strictly tour 2013.

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